Powerbar promo shoot with Jacqui and Ryan Giuliano. Usually I do this behind a minivan or a motorcycle but today I didn’t have an assistant and this had to be done. I placed two 650 Watt strobes high at the back of an SUV, camera was attached at the level of the riders with Manfrotto Magic Arm, firing was done with Pocketwizard remotes. Run a lan cable from the camera to the laptop on passenger seat for tethered shooting.

We also had a very limited time. I wanted to do the shot at 7-8 AM but both of the athletes were coming from San Diego at 1 AM, had to do their  workout early morning and come to the shoot around 10:30. And they had to go to a wedding after the shoot.


Powerbar Ali Engin-2 Powerbar Ali Engin-3 Powerbar Ali Engin-4 Powerbar Ali Engin-5 Powerbar Ali Engin-7 Powerbar Ali Engin-8 Ali_Engin_Photography_0001Powerbar Ali Engin-10 Powerbar Ali Engin-11 Powerbar Ali Engin-12 Powerbar Ali Engin-13 Powerbar Ali Engin-14