Its almost Chicago Marathon time. It’s the unofficial date for winter in the running community but in the past we had 90 degree weather during the race which caused the cancelation of the race. I was running that year and lucky enough to make the cut and reach finish around 3:30. It was brutal. I have seen 80s, 70s but mostly the day starts at high 50s and goes up to 70s or sometimes low 80s. Now I don’t want to jinx it but it was always dry. Now the forecast shows 50s and 50% chance of rain. We will see…

I mean if its anything like today, it will be a tough one. 40s and rain at 4th of October! This was a shot I took today, I was freezing. Last week we were shooting croissfitters in shorts and sports bras! Gotto love the weather in Chicago.

If you don’t like it, wait 15 minutes!