Tear Sheets: Lava Magazine

Lava Magazine Obstacle Racing Editorial featuring images from Spartan Race, Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder for June 2014 issue.

Tear Sheets: Chicago Athlete Magazine

Chicago Athlete Magazine May 2014 issue.


First time I saw this sport was at Hardware Crossfit. Funny thing I wasn’t there to shoot Crossfit. I was there to use their space for a model shoot. 

After my shoot ended, the whole setting looked very different than the regular corporate owned gyms. It was a huge warehouse filled with bars and cages. Nothing was shiny like in the gyms, everything was either raw metal or wood. It looked good. It was part generous space but most important that raw bare metal setting matched perfect with the athletes in there. Everybody was fit, ripped and looking tough.

Once I am back home I did a research and saw this sport called Crossfit. Call it what you want but either they are doing something right or I’ve been lucky to be at the fittest locations.

Additional images can be found in Client Access.


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Fitness Photo Shoot

Fitness photo shoot in Chicago for an editorial client. This was first scheduled as a studio shoot but weather was perfect and we took it to the beach.


Fitness Photography Chicago Fitness Photograph-2 Fitness Photograph-3 Fitness Photograph-4 Fitness Photograph-5 Fitness Photograph-6 Fitness Photograph-7 Fitness Photograph-8 Fitness Photograph-9 Fitness Photograph-10

Obstacle Racing

Early last Summer I got a last minute call for an editorial assignment. They asked me if I can go to the suburbs and shoot an obstacle race for an editorial article they are preparing. I said yes. I had no idea about obstacle races, never saw one but heard a lot about it. Simply, it was a short course run/walk with some obstacles on the way. At least that was my opinion.

I drove 90 minutes deep into the suburbia and arrived at the location given to me by the race organizers. The field was HUGE. It was at least 5 football fields with parked cars. Nothing but parked cars. And yellow school buses. Being part of “media” I am used to park close to the action. I looked around but I could not see any race around. After parking my car in the “media” lot I was directed to one of the busses. Which eventually drove us 40 miles. Yes, 40 miles more deep into the suburbia.

Once we arrived at the location, my goal was get some shots and take the first shuttle back to my car.

It was mid day, 90 degrees and we were in the middle of a dry field with man made mud pits full of mosquitos. 

I made my way to the race course and moved deep into the race course far away from the spectators. Once you are on mile 3-4 you realize these obstacles are not a joke. You can seriously get hurt. By the way, as a part of media and as well as racers, anyone gets on the course signs their lives away.

Thanks to Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and Red Frog Events!

Additional images can be found in Client Access.

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