Jim Herman for Bolle Eyewear

Last week I went to West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie to be exact (50 miles North of West Palm Beach) to photograph Jim Herman for Bolle Eyewear. Shoot was scheduled at PGA Village on Thursday morning.

I can’t thank enough to PGA Village and its all workers for their help.

Endless Summer

It’s slowly getting real. Winter is upon us. Specially in Chicago this means sub zero temperatures until mid-April. Here are some of my favorites from 2016 Chicago Summer…

Beach Volleyball

AVP Championship

Into the water…

I’ve been working with Bill Bishop on a series of images since early July. This weekend we were supposed to work on the swim images. Recently we did bike and some track running shots with various athletes that he coaches. I don’t get to work with swimmers a lot, but I had some ideas in my head.

Equipment used: Canon 1 DX, Canon EF 11-24mm and Profoto B1 500 lights.

Some of the images from the early morning shoot…

Red Bull Crashed Ice

I was in St.Paul Minnesota over the weekend for an assignment. Going to Red Bull Crashed Ice, I had no idea what I was getting into. I watched the event countless times before, I knew what it was. I studied the course and athletes, looked at all the photos available from the past. Goal was to capture an action shot of the event without any secondary sponsor logos visible at the same time showing that it is a Red Bull event. For that the best location would be the start chute, where there was a huge Red Bull arch and the start of the event was really cool with St.Paul Cathedral in the background.

Ali Engin-1


Ali Engin-1-2





Portrait of an Athlete

Mud and Racing

Photos from Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash in Chicago

AVP Tour

Last weekend I was commissioned to shoot AVP Tour. They asked two things. Gritty look and tight shots. Now, these two might sound simple looking at my previous work but getting a tight shot in any sport involves a ball is hard. You have to close on the athlete and the ball has to be in the frame. Well at least most of the times… Oh and it had to be from the players point of view. These are easy tasks if I was doing a commercial shoot with a small production crew. During a live championship game is another story. Once it starts you can not move around, you are stuck to place where they show you.

I spend Saturday getting used to the venue and Sunday I had about 4 hours to get the shots. Thankfully the logos and products were visible and there were no clashing sponsor logos on athletes. 

Additional images can be found in Client Access.


Ali_Engin_Photography_0001 Ali_Engin_Photography_0002 Ali_Engin_Photography_0003 Ali_Engin_Photography_0004 Ali_Engin_Photography_0005 Ali_Engin_Photography_0006 Ali_Engin_Photography_0007 Ali_Engin_Photography_0008 Ali_Engin_Photography_0009 Ali_Engin_Photography_0010 Ali_Engin_Photography_0011 Ali_Engin_Photography_0012 Ali_Engin_Photography_0013 Ali_Engin_Photography_0014 Ali_Engin_Photography_0015 Ali_Engin_Photography_0016 Ali_Engin_Photography_0017 Ali_Engin_Photography_0018 Ali_Engin_Photography_0019 Ali_Engin_Photography_0020 Ali_Engin_Photography_0021 Ali_Engin_Photography_0022 Ali_Engin_Photography_0023 Ali_Engin_Photography_0024 Ali_Engin_Photography_0025 Ali_Engin_Photography_0026 Ali_Engin_Photography_0027 Ali_Engin_Photography_0028 Ali_Engin_Photography_0029 Ali_Engin_Photography_0030 Ali_Engin_Photography_0031 Ali_Engin_Photography_0032 Ali_Engin_Photography_0033 Ali_Engin_Photography_0034 Ali_Engin_Photography_0035 Ali_Engin_Photography_0036 Ali_Engin_Photography_0037