Editorial Work

Chicago Marathon with Kodak TRI – X 400


2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Editorial images from 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. It was 29th running of Chicago Marathon and runners couldn’t wish for a better day. High 60s and sunny. I usually opt to skip race start even though I have clearance for the BP Bridge. Its just a logistic nightmare to move from the start line to the Loop before the lead runners arrive. So usually I wait on State Street for the lead runners and move West as the runners pass. This year wanted something different and I started on Columbus Bridge capturing Chicago River.


Trek CX Cup

AVP Championship

Americas Cup

This weekend I photographed Americas Cup behind the scenes from putting the boats together at Navy Pier to launching them into Lake Michigan. Each boat had its own crew and took about 90 minutes to assemble. How long did it take you to put together that Ikea shelf?

Silvia Ribeiro

Finally got started editing images from Thursday morning’s shoot for Chicago Athlete Magazine. Weather turned out great for the day, almost no winds and great sky. Thanks Holly Petrovich for assisting and Silvia Ribeiro for being patient.

There are millions of locations in Chicago to shoot this assignment but they wanted Chicago skyline in the background. To get the skyline in the background and find a location suitable for biking and running was a little hard. Couple of days prior to the shoot I checked the location, the light was great, it had a smooth surface and the skyline was right at the background.

In addition to what was asked from me I shot couple of extra against the sun and horizon. Because of the rising water levels and the haze, lake and sky was almost blending and the water was right at the ground level. This was the first time I actually used Canon 1DX MK II and the camera did not disappoint. I only used light on few of the images and that was a single Profoto B1 with zoom reflector in TTL mode.

Trail Running


Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.48.06 AM

World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago

ITU World Triathlon Grand Final, the final stop of the 2015 ITU World Triathlon Series, took place September 15-19 in Chicago, USA.

Tear Sheets: Two Hours by Ed Caesar

Came home to a nice surprise, my autographed hardcover. #1 in Sports New Releases. Two Hours by Ed Caesar, cover photo by me from Penguin UK. Also at the bottom Japanese edition.

Tear Sheets: Runner’s World Magazine

Tough Mudder and Track Photo Shoot for Runner’s World Magazine August issue.