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When life gives you lemons… 2015 US Cyclocross Nationals

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In other words my 2015 US Cyclocross Nationals images. Coming to Austin my goal was different, work on the location, get familiar with the course on Saturday and be ready for Sunday. I planned everything; I will be flying back to Chicago Monday morning and still make my afternoon meeting with McHugh for the upcoming shoot. Things don’t go as planned always. Race cancelled, then postponed to Monday afternoon due to logistics related issues.  Unfortunately I will be back to Chicago in the morning when the re-scheduled races start. So I sit down and started to review my images from Saturday.

Here some images from Saturday after editing.


Got Mud?

Coming here, I never thought I would see mud. I was imagining Austin would be a warm and dusty course. Well it rained. Rained a lot for Austin standards. This was the condition of 2015 US Cyclocross Nationals course on day four.

Chicago Cross Cup

I stopped by Montrose Beach on Sunday and I was able to get couple of shots during Women’s Cat 1 race at Chicago Cross Cup. Next probably I will be in Austin for US Cyclocross Championships.




Yes Cross is coming! We are almost in September and this is a sign that CX season is almost around the corner.

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