Nike Running

Nike Running campaign for 2012 London Olympics. We shot these in Chicago for Nike Running to publish online and in print during 2012 London Olympics for their “Find Your Greatness” campaign.

I was lucky enough to work with a crew I already know. Also I was lucky that Nike let me pick the location and let the shoot whatever I want.

Additional images can be found in Client Access.


Nike Running-1 Nike Running-2 Nike Running-3 Nike Running-4 Nike Running-5 Nike Running-6 Nike Running-7 Nike Running-8 Nike Running-9 Nike Running-10 Nike Running-11 Nike Running-12 Nike Running-13 Nike Running-14 Nike Running-15 Nike Running-16 Nike Running-17 Nike Running-18 Nike Running-19 Nike Running-20 Nike Running-21 Nike Running-22 Nike Running-23 Nike Running-24 Nike Running-25 Nike Running-26 Nike Running-27 Nike Running-28 Nike Running-29 Nike Running-30 Nike Running-31 Nike Running-32 Nike Running-33 Nike Running-34 Nike Running-35 Nike Running-36 Nike Running-37 Nike Running-38 Nike Running-39 Nike Running-40 Nike Running-41 Nike Running-42 Nike Running-43 Nike Running-44 Nike Running-45 Nike Running-46 Nike Running-47 Nike Running-48 Nike Running-49 Nike Running-50 Nike Running-51 Nike Running-52 Nike Running-53 Nike Running-54 Nike Running-55

Tear Sheets: SRAM

SRAM double page print ad featured in national magazines and promotional posters.